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Leased to Brighter Path, Tango is a Quarter Horse Paint. He loves working in both the recreational and therapeutic programs and has a large personality which helps him manage both. Tango is famous for his stunning blue eye and calm, easy-going personality. He loves peppermints and face scratches. His pastimes are knocking over cones and playing with zippers on jackets.

Britches the Pony, also known as "Ducky" is, by far, our most ornery team member, but also the most willing to play follow the leader with our youngest visitors. Leased to Brighter Path to work in the therapy program, he is singularly responsible for the recurring donation of peppermints we receive in bulk year-round. Britches is famous for his cute ducky-waddle, and his favorite pastime is bumping the wall with his hoof when treats aren't delivered fast enough.  

​Another leased equine, Zoe, is a sorrel quarter horse whose career is in the recreational riding program. At the age of five, Zoe became blind in one eye. She has successfully learned to overcome her life challenge and lives a full and happy life with only half of her vision. Zoe is quick to trust a rider, and loves challenging them to achieve more advanced riding skills. She is famous for bumping into things (but only *once* in a while), and her favorite pastimes are receiving nose cuddles and head scrathces.

Our very first program-owned equine, Dolly, is quite the pony! She found us in March of 2018 and has been a star at Brighter Path ever since! Dolly holds a prestige position in our therapeutic riding program. She is famous for her giant fluffy mane and bouncy trot. She enjoys being surrounded by side walkers, leaders, and kids, and her favorite thing in all the world is receiving nose kisses. Her pastimes are teaching bareback classes, walking as slowly as possible, and making riders giggle.

Missy, a quarter horse paint, is leased for part time work at Brighter Path. Her job is exclusive to therapeutic ground sessions for which she provides her extraordinary intuitive personality. Missy is loving and kind and enjoys being close to any human who reaches out to pet her. Her pastimes include running, tail scrathces, and maintaining knots in her mane at all times.


Our fearless black lion protector, Johnny will sit in any lap for as long as the lap owner is willing, but beware, he'll lick you incessantly while he's there! Johnny is famous for his ginormous lion's mane. He has a particular skill for breaking and entering the cat food container, and his favorite pastimes is attacking the cat food container the moment a human lifts the lid.  

When Cash is not aiding and abetting Johnny's criminal food thievery, he stoops to his own level of criminality: stealing the desk chair. When he's not cuddling Johnny, Cash can be found in the middle of the riding arena vying for the attention of our students. His favorite pastime is attacking the desk while staff members attempt to complete paperwork.